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  • Falc Italian made agricultural machinery includes rotary hoes to 350hp and shredders and mulchers to 400hp for full strength farming in Australia.

    Falc Farm Machinery

    Welcome to Falc Australia

    The Italian made Falc range of rotary hoes, power harrows, bed-formers, spading machines, verge mowers and mulchers/shredders for sale in Australia includes models to suit small compact tractors to large folding machines for the professional contractor/grower with large scale and open-field applications.

    Falc has been manufacturing mulchers/shredders for the Australian market for over 25 years and this heritage underlies the respect the product has earned as a professional range.

    Intensive Vegetable Growers

    EL Series Rotary Hoe

    EL Series Rotary Hoe

    70-120 hp Rotary Hoe
    FL Series Rotary Hoe

    FL Series Rotary Hoe

    80-140 hp Rotary Hoe
    GL and GSL Series Rotary Hoe

    GL and GSL Series Rotary Hoe

    130-240 hp Rotary Hoe
    Kappa  Rotary Hoe

    Kappa Rotary Hoe

    190-300 hp rotary hoe
    Gamma Folding Rotary Hoe

    Gamma Folding Rotary Hoe

    180-380 hp rotary hoe