Falc 80-140 hp Rotary Hoe
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  • Falc Italian made agricultural machinery includes rotary hoes to 350hp and shredders and mulchers to 400hp for full strength farming in Australia.

    Falc Farm Machinery

    FL Series Rotary Hoe


    Falc’s FL Series is a robustly built rotary hoe with a 3.0m working width and a 140hp, single speed gearbox. With a gear drive transmission, optional rotor types and a choice of depth control mechanisms, this model will readily satisfy the requirements of both contractors and professional farmers.
    Seedbed preparation, primary or secondary tillage, or the incorporation of trash, residues or fertilisers into the soil are all within the capabilities of the FL series.

    Falc FL Series Rotary Hoe

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.



    FL Series Construction
    • Modular frame with 80mm x 80mm x 6mm square front support tube for rigidity and for the mounting of the tractor attachment brackets and ancillary equipment.
    • Strong, fabricated headstock.
    • 3pt linkage mounting with floating clevis hitches and Category 2 pins.
    • Coiled spring adjusters on the rear trailing board for tilth control.


    EL Series Transmission
    • 1000 rpm PTO.
    • Drive shaft with 1 3/8” 6 spline yoke and fitted with an automatic torque limiter clutch.
    • 140hp, single speed gearbox.
    • Gear side-drive(liquid grease lubricated).


    EL Series Rotor and Blades
    • Rotor Speeds:
      • Standard: 268 rpm @ 1000 rpm PTO.
      • Optional: 329, 307 & 217 rpm @ 1000 rpm PTO.
    • ‘L’ shaped blades fitted as standard.
    • 3 blade rotor pattern i.e. 3 x LH & 3 x RH blades per flange as standard.


    EL Series Safety
    • Complies with all CE (European) safety standards.
    • Fully covered drive shaft, clutch and gearbox input shaft.
    • Rear trailing board protects against contact with the blades and the rotor from the rear of the machine.
    • Front mounted parking stand.


    D Series Depth Control
    • Standard fitment:
      • LH & RH adjustable side skid depth control.


    D Series Optional Rear Rotoking (5 pike) Rotor
    • Optional rotors: "Rotoking" (spike) for hard, dry soils
    D Series Optional RearTerraking (Anti-pan) Rotor
    • Optional rotors: "Terraking" (Anti-pan) rotor for improved seedbeds in secondary tillage applications.
    D Series Optional Rear Pneumatic Wheels
    • Optional depth control: Dual rear pneumatic wheels
    D Series Optional Cage Roller
    • Optional depth control: Cage roller
    D Series Optional Packer Roller
    • Optional depth control: Packer roller
    D Series Optional Spiked Roller
    • Optional depth control: Spiked roller
    D Series Optional Wheel Track Eradicator
    • Optional attachments: Wheel track eradicator
    D Series Optional Front Discs
    • Optional attachments: Front discs


    FL 3000
    Working Width (m)
    Overall Width (m)
    No. of Blades
    Weight (kg)
    Tractor Power (hp)


    Click this link to download a brochure. Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website. Follow this link to the manufacturer's website (Falc)

    Disclaimer: Specifications and features described on the website are subject to change without notice. All care has been taken to present accurate information, however, the company is not liable for unintended errors or omissions.