Falc 150-328 hp High Body Mulcher
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  • Falc Italian made agricultural machinery includes rotary hoes to 350hp and shredders and mulchers to 400hp for full strength farming in Australia.

    Falc Farm Machinery

    Kronos Cotton High Body Mulcher

    Falc Kronos Cotton

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.

    Legacy Kronos Field-work
    • FALC- one of the oldest Italian mulcher manufacturers, has been making mulchers and shredders for over 30 years
    • The FALC ALCE and SUPER ALCE shredders were early successful models in mulching Cotton, before the development of the KRONOS Cotton Spec machines in 2001 specifically for Australian growers


    The Kronos Cotton features start from the linkage, through the drive line and body, and with the mulching rotor, flails and shredder bar where the real work is done.


    Floating top-hitch
    • Linkage headstock with floating top-hitch
    • The proven Bypy 2200 328 hp gearbox first introduced by Falc in Cotton mulchers


    • Heavy duty drive-shafts power dual side drives
    • Latched front covers for easy access for lubricating the driveshafts and cleaning
    Automatic Belt Tensioner
    • The tensioner idler wheel is supported on both sides with a new dual arm system
    • Auto belt tensioner
    • 6 belt side-drive - dual drive


    Flails Shredder Bar
    • 300mm rotor with 10mm thickness
    • Additional flails over the crop lines
    • 73.5m/s flail tip speed for the ultimate mulching power
    • Aggressive overlapping “Comb” shredder bar for finest mulch and best finish


    Row Crop Gauge Wheel and Adjuster
    • Replaceable wear & tear body lining for longer machine life
    • Simple ratchet adjustable height wheels at furrow positions across the rear and fitted with large diameter 9.00x16 10 ply tyres
    Side Protection Skid
    • Side skid protection


    KRONOS Cotton Diagram
    • A new 6.0 metre width model is introduced for the 2018 season
    • The model covers the 6 cotton beds without the overlap of the 6.4m model and with proportionally less machine weight
      Click on image for full size view


    KRONOS 5400 DT/2R KRONOS 6000 DT/2R KRONOS 6400 DT/2R KRONOS 8000 DT/2R
    Working Width (mm) 5540 6080 6440 8018
    Transport Width (mm) 5960 6500 6860 8432
    No. of Flails 120   144 176
    Weight (kg) 3300 3620 3820 4630
    Tractor Power (hp) 120-180 120-180 120-180 160-280


    Click this link to download a brochure.
    Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website.
    Follow this link to the  manufacturer's website (Falc)

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